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Mary's Introductory Offer

Freedom from Self Sabotage

How many times have you decided to improve your life, establish a better position, career or relationship, only to find yourself locked into the same repeating patterns all over again?

As you try to make things work, the more you seem to get in your own way and sabotage your best laid plans. You may try to blame others, but that doesn’t really work to resolve anything, and usually only causes others to react negatively and even pull away.

We have a powerful program that can be done in person or over the phone. It can help you get a handle on some of these patterns of self sabotage, move out from under your own shadow and step forward into a more fulfilling life.

Fast Results

When people have clarity they tend to be more productive, and focus more on creating their lives.

We have a technique in our Integrity Program which we use to improve clarity and focus, and we can teach you how to apply it yourself.

This tool would address the major areas of stress which are getting in your way, and we are offering a one hour sample to bring you more clarity. After one hour most people feel a marked improvement in their attitude and perspective.

Reasonably priced, this very powerful and workable tool will give you an idea of what we can do for you.

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